EmpowerTheUserTM partners with global organizations and Fortune 100s to deliver unprecedented value in talent development.


Looking to improve your Onboarding processes & programs?

EmpowerTheUser delivers:

  • Improve your selection accuracy
  • Reduce time to Competence
  • Reduce Attrition

Compliance & Risk

Seeking to enhance your Compliance programs to mitigate risk and exposure?

EmpowerTheUser delivers:

  • Precision profiling
  • Risk exposure analysis
  • Anonymized trends or individual insights


Interested in leadership initiatives that deliver quantifiable ROI?

EmpowerTheUser delivers:

  • Unprecedented engagement
  • Sustainable and scalable delivery
  • Measurable improvements


Want a high performing Sales team and drive sales results?

EmpowerTheUser delivers:

  • Assess and train selling skills & behaviors
  • Drive measurable sales performance
  • Demonstrate business impact

EmpoweredDecisionsTM - Behavioral Science as a Service

Predict Future Behaviors

Benchmark, forecast and predict behaviors and future talent performance by leveraging ETU in Organizational Learning Strategies, Talent & Career Planning, Talent Mobility, HiPo and Leadership Development initiatives.

Quantify Business Impact

Quantify business impact and ROI by linking ETU’s Simulation Data with HR and Business Performance data (performance, incident frequency, attrition rates, lost revenue, etc).

Better Talent Decisions

Enhance your insights and decision making abilities via ETU’s Multi-dimensional Behavioral Profile, a rich and actionable analysis of your employees skills and behaviors.

Drive Transfer of Learning

Iterate from knowledge acquisition to knowledge application and skills development with ETU. By Simulating real-world contexts, ETU enables the rapid transfer of learning and achieves a 7% verified increase in job performance.

Engage your Learners

Achieve unprecedented Learner Engagement and Satisfaction up to 98% globally.