Build Rapidly

Collaboratively build simulations 50% quicker than any other technology.

Respond to specific business needs efficiently and effectively.

Deliver Globally

Deploy Simulations globally as a viable alternative to time-consuming traditional training methods, reducing costs by 66%.

Analyze Behaviors

Advanced behavioral insights to drive effective business and HR decisions.

EmpowertheuserTM Platform

Enabling talent organizations to:

Deliver immersive, job-relevant and data-driven learning experiences at scale to global audiences, facilitating rapid transfer of learning and reduced seat-time
Collaboratively build simulations 50% quicker than any other technology, enabling you to respond to specific business needs efficiently and effectively
Deploy simulations as a viable alternative to traditional and time-consuming training method
Gather real-time analytics and insights to enable precision understanding of the skills and behaviors of any organization’s workforce to pinpoint what’s working and more importantly, what’s not working
Provide safe and supportive environments for employees to learn from their mistakes
Leverage decades of award-winning PhD research in the field of immersive learning, accurate assessment and behavioral analytics

EmpowertheuserTM Platform

Flexible Multi-Award Winning Engagement Models

Build Your Own

ETU’s in-house expert Simulation development team will train and certify your instructional designers, content developers, program managers and 3rd party providers on EmpowerTheUser to design, build and rollout award-winning Simulation assessment and training initiatives

Build With ETU

Team up with ETU’s Simulation development experts to co-build and co-produce Simulations

Built by ETU

Outsource the entire build process to ETU and let our team of expert Simulation Developers, Content Producers and Project Managers build the perfect solution for your needs


Access existing, market-leading Simulations for behavioral assessment and training of transversal skills like Leadership and Communication